Celebrating My Other Favorite City

For as much as I adore NYC, there’s one other city that also has a big piece of my heart — London.

Longtime readers of this blog know I first became smitten with England’s capital during my junior year there. Earlier this week, I got to indulge my inner Anglophile — and catch up with my dearest London-based BFF Steve.

Back In The Day: Steve and me in London's Leicester Square (July 1998)

Back In The Day: Steve and me in London’s Leicester Square (July 1998)

Steve and I met up for dinner at Sip Sak, a quaint little Turkish bistro in Midtown East. We were celebrating a very special milestone — twenty years of friendship.

Steve is one of those friends whose wisdom and understanding have carried me through some of the hardest times of my life — and whose company I always look forward to. Our 20th anniversary get together found us, as always, falling into effortless, engaging conversation. We talked about family, relationships and the soul searching questions that come up as you approach 40.

We capped off the night with milkshakes at Johnny Rockets, promising to do the same when we mark 40 years (sigh) of friendship.

Speaking of special occasions, I joined galpal (and former London resident) Stacy to commemorate the UK’s Guy Fawkes Night.

Cheeky Fox: Stacy and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening's signature cocktail

Cheeky Fox: Stacy and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s signature cocktail

We attended the St. George Society’s night out at posh shop Thomas Pink. As a DJ spun British pop tunes, we enjoyed cocktails, hours d’oeuvres and mingling. We ended up chatting with two expats who recently moved to New York. They agreed that London and NYC are sister cities, equally irresistible in their varied charms.

I feel very fortunate that both of these vibrant places are a part of me. And I’m counting the days until I’m London bound again!

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