The Unavoidable Interrogation

Friday, I enjoyed a low-key and much needed girls night out with my dear friend Sara.

Go Burger: Delicious fare in a fun setting on the UES (photo courtesy:

Go Burger: Delicious fare in a fun setting on the UES

Our destination – Go Burger, a laidback yet lively bistro on NYC’s Upper East Side. Having both wrapped up a frenetic work week, we happily bookended our meal with pigs in a blanket and a chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake. Sharing caloric indulgence is without a doubt one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Over dinner, we talked about summer travel plans, the fun of Field Day as youngsters and one of our biggest pet peeves about singlehood – prying questions about the state of our love lives.

It’s all too common for those who are partnered up to ask those of us who are not why we’re still single. However well intentioned these questions might be, even when posed under the guise of making small talk, the fact is that doesn’t make them any less intrusive. It’s basically the equivalent of asking a couple how their sex life is – i.e., something to think twice about doing.

Of course, we understand there is an inevitable curiosity about our singlehood, and it does often come from a genuine place of caring on the part of family and friends. But we want and have a lot more to talk about than that. And being bombarded with love life questions, especially from people you haven’t seen in awhile, ends up making you feel reduced to your dating status. Talk about a major buzzkill.

So the next time you’re thinking of going into twenty questions mode with a single friend/colleague/family member, hold the interrogating. We’ll be thankful for your restraint. And when there’s news to tell, we’ll be that much happier to share it.

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