A Fabulous Night In Harlem

Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of catching up with my Kansas City-based pal Stephanie. A foodie with a flair for cooking, Stephanie invited me to join her and friends Jim and Diego to experience one of NYC’s hottest restaurants – Red Rooster.

Stephanie and me

The signature Harlem eatery by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson doesn’t disappoint. Lively atmosphere and attentive service compliment the mouthwatering menu of comfort food. A nice touch — for $7, you’re given the option of choosing from a tray of small chef tasting plates. I enjoyed butternut squash soup with apple chutney and smoked salmon. For dessert, we all shared the heavenly Rooster Mud Pie served with mocha ice cream and whiskey caramelized bananas. Delish.

I filled Stephanie and the guys in on my return to speed dating this week, which was just as fun as I remembered the experience to be (seriously, ladies, give it a try!).

Fun Foursome: (clockwise from left) Me, Stephanie, Diego and Jim

Speaking of the search to find love, we fell into easy conversation about the ups and downs of it, especially here in New York. When I mentioned my Great Dating Blitz of a few years back, Diego shared his recent version of it – going out with a series of his exes again. And whether they’re gay or straight, we all agreed that men don’t make the first move nearly as much as we’d like them to anymore.

Case in point: the aforementioned HurryDate event this week. Of the four guys who said yes to connecting afterward, only two proactively contacted me. Thankfully, it was the two who I liked most.

Who knows? Maybe 2013 will bring a change in the tides romantically speaking. One thing’s for sure – I plan to have more fun along the way.

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