Girls Night Out With Schick Quattro For Women

What does your choice of razor say about your dating style? According to the folks at Schick Quattro For Women, quite a bit.

To celebrate the launch of its newest Quattro razor, the brand has created a Facebook quiz — What’s Your Dating Trim style? Answer a series of questions to find out whether you’re foxy, classic, spontaneous, planned, etc. Now through February 29, fans of Schick Quattro For Women’s Facebook Page who take the quiz will receive a $1 coupon for the brand’s TrimStyle razor.

Schick unveiled the promotion during a recent girls night out event at NYC’s Bryant Park hotel.

Flirty cocktails at the event highlighted the different Dating Trim Style types

Guests also got a sneak preview of the new web series that Schick is sponsoring, Dating Rules From My Future Self. The witty, entertaining show (from the producers of Gossip Girl) has a clever premise — what if you could get advice now from your future self? — and a twentysomething cast with all the sass and charm of Sex and the City ‘s ladies. Definitely worth watching.

The evening’s featured speaker, dating expert Andrea Syrtash, author of He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s A Good Thing) shared some advice. When it comes to first dates, Syrtash advises– 

“Be your vacation self — be present and don’t overanalyze. Ask yourself, ‘Am I having fun with this person? Am I curious to know more?'”

 Andrea’s other top tips for giving your love life a makeover this year:

  • Take risks and get outside your comfort zone
  • You can’t have intimacy without vulnerability
  • Surround yourself with people who bring out your best
  • Be passionate and love your life

“Relationships are hard work — dating should be fun,” Syrtash says. 

Agreed. How do you plan to add more fun to your dating life in 2012?

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