A Group Approach To Online Dating

When you’re a thirtysomething single and you’ve navigated the choppy waters of online dating, you invariably find yourself thinking – there must be a better way. Something that feels less contrived and more organic.

Not too long ago, a friend of mine suggested going on a group online date – i.e., connecting with someone and then inviting his friends and hers to tag along. Less pressure, more odds of at least a passable night out. Sure enough, there’s already a website that does this, as I learned from a colleague of mine today.

Grouper arranges drinks between two groups of friends who don’t know each other — 3 girls and 3 guys. The connections are made by Grouper based on info from your Facebook account and the site takes care of the details too (i.e. reservations at a local hotspot).

My aforementioned colleague is going on his first Grouper date tonight. Trying Grouper is now officially on my list of 2012 resolutions, so stay tuned!

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