Urban Girl Squad’s Speakeasy Party

Last week, I headed down to SoHo for Urban Girl Squad ‘s latest Friend of a Friend singles party. Joining me in the fun at cozy, downstairs speakeasy The Vault at Pfaff’s, my bachelor friend Sachin.

Sach and me at the party

Like the last UGS mixer I went to, this one was well attended (150 people) and the staff did a good job of circulating and making sure everyone was having fun. That said, mingling was a lot harder to do this time because UGS didn’t provide icebreaker questions and answers. Without them, it was harder to tell who was with a friend versus who was mid flirt, and most of the crowd seemed less outgoing.

Many of the guys, in fact, stuck to the all- too-New York trend of avoiding eye contact. Case in point: a tall, cute recruiter whom I smiled at. When I ended up making small talk with cute guy and his friends about this specific tendency, I couldn’t resist calling him out on it.

I also chatted with a pair of much friendlier bachelors — who asked why I’m still single. When I asked them the same question, one said—

“I haven’t been doing anything about it lately.”

It was a different story for my friend Sachin. Sach admitted he’s been going on dates several times a week for awhile now. The result has been either no chemistry or women who end up having a boyfriend or husband.

As we shared our dating woes over some yummy cocktails, I was reminded that – even though it’s easy to think otherwise — it’s not always easier for single guys than it is for us gals. And that being on the prowl is always more fun when you’ve got a good wingman.

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