Questioning How Many Times Cupid Comes Calling

During a recent trip to the movies, I saw a trailer for the upcoming Anna Faris flick, “What’s Your Number?” The film’s premise got me thinking once again — do you get a limited number of chances for finding love?

Anna Faris muses about recycling exes in this EXCLUSIVE clip

Faris’ character begins to think so, after reading an article that says you’re out of luck if you’ve had 20 or more relationships. Of course, she’s hardly the first pop culture character to voice this anxiety. Remember that Sex And The City episode where Charlotte tells Carrie women only get two great loves?

By that standard, I’m in trouble. But even though I’m safely under the 20 threshhold (assuming, that is, that relationships of less than three months duration don’t count), I can’t help questioning the odds now that I’m closer to 40 than 30. Especially when I’ve already recycled the exes worth recycling, and the opportunities to connect seem fleeting at best, in a city where the dating equivalent of ADD runs rampant.

Recent cases in point, courtesy of a Connecticut-based bachelor who immediately gave me his number, proceeded to call me twice and then disappear; a fellow Upper East Sider who called and texted multiple times while out of town, suggested dinner upon his return, then also pulled a vanishing act.

Though these kinds of things are par for the course with online dating, I can’t help wondering if there is indeed an expiration date on getting to happily ever after. If you turn Cupid down enough times for one reason or another, does he eventually make like an ex-boyfriend and move on?

I’m guessing “What’s Your Number?” has an optimistic answer to that question. In the meantime, click here or on the above link for an exclusive and hilarious clip of Anna Faris talking about the merits of recycling past loves.

What’s your take on going back to an old flame?

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2 Responses to “Questioning How Many Times Cupid Comes Calling”

  1. nathan

    I don’t know if there is a limited number of chances. Perhaps. But it seems to me better to not worry about that, and put your effort into being open and available for someone to come into your life. While it might be a bit easier for older men than old women, I’m also moving towards 40, and like you, have been through things like ex recycling, plenty of online dating, and the rest. Sometimes, it all feels pointless. Other times, I’m really happy being single. And still other times, I’m optimistic. So, basically, if you watch closely, thoughts about all this change fairly often.

    Recycling ex girlfriends hasn’t worked for me. I recently had another opportunity with a woman I dated a few years back, but she was still completely on the rebound from a previous relationship, and I never felt like a real connection could be made because of that. Which is exactly how it was the first time around with her.

    Timing and circumstances definitely play a role in this. However, I think it’s fairly likely that some of the same issues that were blocks the first time around will still be there the second time around.

  2. Melissa

    Completely agree with you Nathan — the journey of being single changes all the time as far as one’s perspective on loving and hating it. Recycling hasn’t worked for me either, especially because as you found out, some obstacles in a relationship never change.

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