Urban Girl Squad’s Five-Star Singles Party

Last night, I headed down to Pranna in NYC’s Flatiron district for Urban Girl Squad’s Friend of A Friend Party.

The friendly (and evenly co-ed) crowd at Urban Girl Squad's party

The social networking group knows how to throw a party — this one attracted 150 people. Best of all, unlike a lot of other singles events in NYC, UGS’ party had a 50/50 guy-girl ratio. The premise of bringing an unattached friend of the opposite sex is a truly effective one.

Sachin and me getting in touch with our fiesta groove

My plus one was bachelor friend Sachin. He had me laughing when he said a 23-year-old had approached him but he wasn’t interested. I told him he must be one of the only single guys in the Big Apple not looking for a much younger woman (as a longtime fan of May-December romance, though, I recognize I have no right to complain about this).

Urban Girl Squad’s party planners made it easy for everyone to mingle, providing fun icebreakers — trivia questions for the guys, answers for the ladies — and good incentive to answer them: find your icebreaker match and you could enter a raffle for great prizes ($500 bike, anyone?).

What impressed me most about the party, though, was the crowd’s diversity in terms of age, profession and personality. You had your urban hipster types, GQ wannabes and artistic sweethearts.

Of the three bachelors I chatted with, J, my favorite, fell into the latter category.

As soon as we locked eyes, we both smiled. I told J that Sachin was trying to find out which president was the only one unanimously elected. Without missing a beat, J said George Washington, referring to him as GW. When I teased him about being so chummy with the first president, it led to a playful conversation about time travel and creative dreams.

I learned J is an aspiring author with a talent for dancing, playing the trombone — and being chivalrous. After we exchanged business cards and before he left the party, J kissed my hand. Yes, I think I swooned a little at that.

Thanks, Urban Girl Squad, for the invite. Want to find out what’s coming up on the group’s calendar? Click here.

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