Madrid: Day One

My first afternoon in Madrid found me sleepy from an early-morning flight. After settling into Hotel Opera, I decided to rest up so I would look fresh and fabulous for my evening with old flame Fabian.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Fabian and I hadn’t seen each other since a romantic encounter nearly 15 years ago in New York. Since then, we’ve remained in touch as friends, and Fabian is now married with three kids.

We met up in the hotel lobby and my first thought was that the years have been kind to Fabian and he still looked handsome and fit. It didn’t take much time for us to fall into the easy conversation that only happens when you have a long history with someone.

While we walked past Madrid’s Palacio real and Plaza Mayor, I was saddened to learn that Fabian’s father passed away in January. This led to us talking about what it’s like to lose a parent, which we continued to reflect on over tapas at Lateral restaurant.

Lateral: This Madrid restaurant chain serves up delicious tapas

“You don’t have a safety net anymore,” Fabian said knowingly of me no longer having either of my parents.

“Exactly,” I said.

Fabian spoke with great affection about my mom and dad, having met them both during his December ‘95 visit to NYC. It meant a lot to reminisce with him, especially since most of my friends at home never knew them.

We eventually moved on to the subject of relationships and the search for lasting love. Curious about Single Gal In The City, Fabian asked if I wanted to stay single and was only looking for blog material — a question that reminded me of the downside to publicly sharing dating adventures.

He also admitted to becoming more intolerant over the years and wondered if I have too, and it’s hindered me in finding Mr. Right. I admitted that I think the opposite is true, and I’ve tried to avoid the trap of being inflexible that tends to accompany thirtysomething singlehood.

After dinner, we headed over to La Terraza, a cozy rooftop bar at Hotel Urban. I was struck by how easy it felt to be with Fabian again, how it didn’t seem that 15 years had passed since we’d last seen each other. I felt thankful that our friendship has endured, and to have reconnected with him and all of the other important people from my stint as a London university student.

Coming up…the details about my London return and a preview of SingleEdition’s upcoming Live The Life You Love event!

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  1. Travelogged

    I stayed at Hotel Urban when I was in Madrid in 2007 — loved it! Such a cool modern design. Did you go to its little Egyptian museum/gallery?

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