Dublin: Date #1

Friday night, after meeting up at Dublin’s Trinity College, thirtysomething Irish bachelor Pete and I headed over to Bewley’s for coffee in the city center.

Trinity College: Pete and I met up here for our date

I quickly discovered Pete and I had a lot in common — including a willingness to be adventurous and to travel a long way for the sake of fun and rejuvenation. I also learned that Pete enjoys long bike rides, working hard for his family’s company and dabbling in musical theater from time to time. The more he shared about himself, the more I was taken with him.

From Bewley’s, we headed off on a mini pub crawl, starting at Bruxelle’s, which has been around since 1876. Pete filled me in on Bruxelles’ rich music history (U2 and Thin Lizzy both played here back in the day) before we moved to another pub where we stood outside among the after-work crowd.

Pete mentioned his upcoming weekend visit to New York and birthday.

“Happy Birthday,” I said.

“I’m sorry you won’t be here for it,” he said.

Pete asked me what New York men are like, my first thought was that they don ‘t hold a candle to their Irish counterparts. Especially when Pete told me–

“This is the best evening I’ve had in awhile.”

“Me too,” I said, suddenly feeling like the many lackluster first dates I’d gone on before this trip happened ages ago.

For our last stop, Pete took me to Vat Bar so I could get my first experience of traditional Irish music. We took pictures together with each of our cameras. I didn’t want the night to end.

Pete walked me back to my hotel.

“If you need anything while you’re here,” he offered, “24-7 — just call or text me.”

Then, with a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, he was gone. Though I had hoped the evening would end with a kiss goodnight, I couldn’t stop smiling. Spending time with Pete restored my faith in romance and the existence of good guys. The easy chemistry between us, the thrill of possibility — both reminders of why it’s always worth taking a chance and putting yourself out there.

You just never know when someone great is going to cross your path. I’m hoping mine crosses with Pete again — maybe on one of his next visits to NYC.

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  1. Queen of Quirky

    Love, love, love this date. I wish we could hear his accent though. :)

  2. Rach

    Yeah – Queen of Quirky is right – perhaps some video upload wouldn’t go astray? Hehe!

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