A Very Happy Hour At Pranna

Tuesday night, I headed down to Pranna in Midtown for happy hour with PR galpals Andrea, Lauren, Louise and Tara.

Girls Night Out: (counterclockwise from right) Lauren, Tara, me, Louise and Andrea

Our first group get together in many months, it reminded me how fortunate I am that my five-year stint in public relations connected me with such fabulous women.

While enjoying Pranna’s generous happy hour specials (including beer and Naan bread for $5 ), we talked about relatives who try repeatedly to set you up on the same blind date and the increasing trend of men choosing dinnertime for a drinks-only date.

Of being hungry during the date because of this, one of the ladies quipped–

“I couldn’t pay attention to what he was saying because I kept imagining him with a cherry on his head.”

We also reflected on how you’ll tend to make allowances for someone’s shortcomings when you feel an attraction — and not wanting to waste time if you don’t.

“I thought he was nice,” Louise said of a recent first date. “I just didn’t want to ever see him again romantically.”

I laughed — Louise had unknowingly summarized most of the dates I’ve been on lately.

Tara, the only one of us who’s married, gave me her take on finding the right guy. She said for her and most of her married friends, the clichéd adage that it happens when you’re not looking turned out to be true. She met her hubby at a bar, thinking their smooch would amount to nothing more because she wasn’t in marital frame of mind.

“It only takes one date to change your life,” she told me.

All the more the reason to enjoy whomever you meet along the way to finding happily ever after.

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