Girls Night Out: Arlington Club

I recently enjoyed a wonderful girls night out with my good friend Lauren.

We headed over to the Arlington Club, a swanky UES steakhouse with an interesting bar scene — a 40+ crowd, many of whom are very obviously on the prowl.

Arlington Club's swanky bar area

Arlington Club’s swanky bar area

As we watched the flirting unfold, Lauren and I fell into the easy conversation that comes when you’re kindred spirits and you’ve known each other for a decade. We talked about our recent travels, the fun of vacation romance and how a change of scenery can make all the difference when it comes to meeting new people.

Speaking of the latter, this was my first visit to Arlington Club. And it presented the opportunity for us to meet two charming musicians who livened things up with their talents.

Wes shared tales of life on tour with the likes of Norah Jones, mentioning that he savors quiet nights in watching NetFlix when he’s back home in Brooklyn.

It occurred to me as he spoke that he had an openness and down to earth quality that’s frustratingly elusive among New York men. Sure enough, Wes revealed he’s from Charleston.

Though i adore my hometown, NYC seems to breed an aloof sensibility that often permeates the singles scene here. I notice it even more whenever I venture out of Manhattan — that there’s a warmth and friendliness elsewhere which is so difficult to find when you’re trying to mix and mingle in the Big Apple.

I can’t help thinking that most of the epic romances I’ve experienced have been with men from other places—California, Illinois, England and Australia to name a few. And, on this 20th anniversary of my very first epic love, I also find myself wondering if it’s time for me to try out a new zip code.


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2 Responses to “Girls Night Out: Arlington Club”

  1. Rachel Russo

    Hey Melissa, Glad you made it over to Arlington Club! I love it there–one of my faves in our ‘hood. I saw this blog and just wanted to say: I totally hear you! I struggle with that same question, again and again. There is just something about New York City, that keeps a girl, well, single, and I think it has to do with the overall lack of friendliness. Funny you mention Charleston. I have been thinking of the dating scene there since I saw Bravo’s Southern Charm show. I think it’d be pretty tough there as well for a woman like you or I. Have you seen it? Maybe the grass is always greener. Well, stay positive. It only takes ONE! XoXo, Rachel

  2. Melissa

    Hi Rachel–Haven’t seen Southern Charm but I’ve definitely experienced it from the men who are from that region! The grass is always greener indeed. The support of fabulous fellow single gals like yourself truly helps. XOXO

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