When Raunch Replaces Romance

Like many so singles, I have a love-hate relationship with online dating. Though it can introduce you to a variety of people, it also seems to have a higher volume of inappropriate behavior than the offline world.

In a virtual universe where anything goes, you can find yourself on the receiving end of these bizarre antics quite regularly.

OkCupid is a magnet for bachelors who don’t appreciate that less is more when you’re getting to know someone. One recent Okc member followed up a fun first date with an invitation to have lunch with him and his sister. I politely declined. He followed up with an explicit late night text message, blaming it on being “drunk, haha!”

Then there was the psychologist I chatted with on the phone. I asked him how his weekend was. He responded with a lengthy description of his father’s enlarged prostate. And a wistful lament for the days when he trolled nightclubs picking up women on the dance floor.

It is one of my single relatives, though, who can claim the most off putting initial conversation with an online bachelor. He had a very specific proposition for her–

“Would you like to Skype in the nude?”

Seriously? Whatever happened to good old fashioned dating etiquette? I know we live in a modern era of sexting and so on, but why is there such a mad rush to replace romance with raunch?

As you might expect from the above, I’m more a fan of taking things slowly. Or at the very least, having the courage to make your x-rated requests in person.

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