Five Years Of SGITC

cakes-cupcakes-012I recently celebrated a special anniversary – five years of Single Gal In The City. The milestone comes as I’m about to wrap up handwritten journal #99, so I’m feeling more than a little reflective about the journey I’ve taken as a writer.

For as long as I can remember, writing has been one of my greatest passions. Still, I never could have imagined that it would lead to me having my own little corner of the blogosphere – something for which I must once again thank my dear friend Carla, because without her unyielding encouragement, SGITC would never have come to be.

It’s been quite a ride since I penned that first post on July 2, 2008. I’ve done three dating blitzes (in NYC, across the US and in Europe), done speed dating multiple times, tried various dating websites, had ill-fated but illuminating romances and even a few encounters with old flames.

Then, of course, there are the many exciting invitations that have come to me because of this blog — TV show appearances, theater performances and book launch parties to name just a few. For a New Yorker who adores her hometown, I’ve found myself smitten all over again with it during these only-in-the-Big-Apple moments.

Along the way, of course, writing this blog has not been without its surprises. The biggest one — that five years later, I’m still a single gal in the city.

I never expected to still be flying solo at the end of my thirties. An often heard response to that — but isn’t that what my ‘brand’ is all about? And what could I possibly write about if I’m no longer single?

My answer to that – a writer always finds something to write about (as I close in on my 100th journal, it’s fair to say I’m speaking from a healthy amount of experience). As for the notion that the blog is a hindrance to happily ever after, well, I’m not convinced. I know at least a few dating bloggers who have found lasting love while maintaining their relationship-driven corners of cyberspace.

I also know it isn’t any one particular thing which decides your romantic fate. It is ultimately a confluence of factors that leads you to your mate. Not the least of which is staying open to the possibility of finding him.

Thanks to all of the singles, married and somewhere-in-between folks who have shown me that time and again. And for your part in making this journey as a blogger such a rewarding one.


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  1. Redsky

    Hey, I am a fellow dating blogger as well and I also live in NYC. Thought I’d salute you on your 5 years of blogging, many more to come. Feel free to stop by and I will continue to read up on your newest posts. Cheers!


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