A Delightful Girls Night In

Wednesday, I enjoyed a long overdue girls night in with my good friend Faith.

Spending time with Faith is always a wonderful reminder that serendipity really is a force you can count on. Faith and I met three years ago, at a happy hour hosted by a guy I went out with once. Though sparks didn’t ignite on the date, the chemistry between me and Faith was immediate.

Faith and me celebrating the holidays (December 2011)

Faith and me celebrating the holidays (December 2011)

Smart, fun and full of heart, Faith exudes an energy you can’t help wanting to be around. She also happens to be a fabulous wing woman, as I’ve discovered on several occasions when she has played matchmaker while we’re out on the town.

The other night, we had plenty to catch up on. Our effortless, soul soothing conversation covered career transitions, the ebb and flow of attraction when a relationship fizzles out, and how unpredictable dating can be.

In just the last week alone, I’ve experienced major post-date miscommunication with one guy and a derailed reunion with an old flame from my Great Dating Blitz. It’s too soon to say what the outcome of either will be — but I am oddly okay with that. Because I am finally embracing that the direction my love life takes isn’t something I can foresee. Better to just embrace the adventure of it all — and remain hopeful about a happy ending.

And of course being thankful for girlfriends like Faith to share it all with.

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