Celebrating A Dear Friend’s Milestone Birthday

This final week of 2012 has been an action packed one for me. After heading to Delaware for Christmas with my brother and sister-in-law, I came home, worked one day, then took off again – this time for Ohio. The occasion — my dear friend Marilyn’s surprise 80th birthday party.

Surprise! Marilyn and me at her party

Her children Karen, Laurie and Steve brought together about 20 of Marilyn’s closest friends, along with four of her grandchildren, for the party. We gathered at Springfield Grille, one of Marilyn’s favorites and a longtime annual tradition for us whenever I visit.

With her actual birthday still a few weeks away, Marilyn truly had no idea what had been planned and seeing the look of surprise on her face was such a joy. As always, she looked lovely, fit and far younger than her years.

While enjoying a three course meal that included the restaurant’s delicious signature crab cakes and yummy vanilla sponge birthday cake, I had the pleasure of sitting with Marilyn and her family.

Group photo: With Marilyn and her beautiful family

Along with talking about preparations for the party, they shared some great stories from years gone by. I enjoyed getting to know the family she is the heart and soul of with good reason.

Just before dessert, Karen made a briefly, lovely toast to the guest of honor — saying how special Marilyn is and that she is the best mom.

“And the best friend!” chimed in a neighbor of Marilyn’s.

I couldn’t agree more.

For more than twenty years now, I’ve had the good fortune to call Marilyn a friend. She is such an amazing woman — intelligent, kind and fun with a zest for life that has kept her truly young at heart.

Our mutual friend A put it best–

“You do 80 proud.”

A-men. Happy, Happy Birthday, Marilyn. You are loved.

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