The Happiness Ripple Effect

As I mentioned in my last couple of posts, I have a new job that I love. And it’s making me rediscover just how much of a ripple effect being happy in one very important area of life.

During a recent dinner out with good friend who, like me, was recently liberated from a hellish work environment, she pointed out my changed demeanor.

“Now I know why people have been telling me I look completely different. You look so much happier,” she said.

Just like the changing temperatures and start of fall, I feel like I’m in a new season myself. Looking forward to every workday has given me a renewed energy to jump start non-career related goals. And the universe is more than meeting me halfway.

Last night, for the first time in months, I had a great conversation with an OkCupid bachelor, one that resulted in an upcoming date. Today, I learned that I’ll be doing a second piece for Latina Magazine (look for it in the February 2013 issue!). And I’ve made a small dent in my mission to shed the extra pounds I picked up over the past two years.

Simply put, I’d forgotten how being content at the office can spark feeling that way outside of it too. And I’m beyond thankful to the Westin New York Grand Central for reminding me.

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