My TV Makeover Disaster: Part Two

As I mentioned the other day, my makeover experience at ABC’s The Revolution only confirmed why this show was cancelled.

My long afternoon continued with a second trip downstairs to the wardrobe department, where Tim Gunn and the show’s in-house stylist – a brassy redhead who could be Sex And The City costume designer Patricia Field’s doppelganger — are waiting with a number of different outfits for me try on.

After squeezing into a body shaper, I start to relax a little and enjoy playing dress up with Tim’s expert guidance. Until I have to test drive some shoes. The first pair is way too high and uncomfortable. When I say as much, Ms. Pat Fields Wannabe snaps—

“Well, they’re your size.”

Um…but I can’t walk in them!! I manage to say as much (without exclamation points) and settle on a black but manageable pair of peep toe pumps. Having chosen a fun, flirty outfit – a cream and rose colored shift dress topped off with a cardigan, very Mad Men – I return to the dressing room.

At last, all the hurry up and waiting is over and the time comes for the celebrity stylist to work his magic. I’m thinking there will at least be some dialogue about what he’s going to do. Instead, he’s instructed by a producer that a network honcho is in the audience and wants to see a “dramatic difference.”

“Don’t worry – it will be dramatic.”

Forcing a smile with Tim Gunn after the taping

And with that, he starts quickly coloring and cutting. I feel myself tense up as several inches and layers of hair fall to the ground. Even Tim Gunn noticed my reaction, squeezing my hand and asking if I was doing okay. Considering there was a camera in front of my face, I lied and said yes.

In all fairness to the celebrity stylist – with whom I quickly bonded because he’s got a big, effervescent personality – he didn’t give me a bad haircut per se. It just wasn’t a haircut that felt at all like me.

Somehow, I managed to fake enthusiasm when the time came for my big on-camera reveal. Applause from the audience helped, as did my hope that I could squeeze in a mention for (the show’s theme, after all, was dating).  But Tim cut me off before that could happen.
Finally – six hours after I arrived – the taping is over. I barely have a moment to steal a picture with Tim, before a producer appears and escorts me quickly back to the wardrobe department.

Why? So I could return the clothes, shoes and jewelry. Yes, that’s right. A national program aired by ABC-TV, in which Macy’s was prominently featured as a sponsor, couldn’t afford to treat a makeover guest to some new threads. My consolation prize? A $50 AmEx gift card.  Small comfort after giving six hours of my time to end up with a haircut I hated.

Needless to say, I’m a little more skeptical now when I watch on-camera makeover segments. I wonder what the guests are really thinking of their new look. More than that, though, I wonder – do they get to keep the clothes??

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3 Responses to “My TV Makeover Disaster: Part Two”

  1. beth grossman

    I can’t believe that. ridiculous! love the dress and the hair looks cute!

  2. Brainy Pint Sizer

    Okay, this takes the cake…A $50 gift card? For hours upon hours of a poorly planned day and experience you get 50 bucks? It isn’t about money, but the fact that, as you say, a major television network with a nationwide department store chain as a sponsor couldn’t even treat those who were willing to be a part of this experience to something from the wardrobe. Forgive the naivete from me here but did they really think that people would be willing to waste a day for a gift card? Maybe they missed the memo: This is New York City. People’s time is valuable.

  3. Melissa

    Amen sister! Even after all of these months, I still can’t believe how cheap and misleading the whole experience was. Very tacky on both ABC *and* Macy’s part.

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