Varying The Recipe Of SGITC

As someone who’s been blogging for nearly four years – and has just started volume #99 of my handwritten journal – I often get asked this question: do I ever run out of things to write about? The obvious answer, of course, is no. And that’s most because of writing about what’s nearest and dearest to me.

When I first started Single Gal In The City, it was with the intention of sharing not just my dating adventures but the adventure of life here in the Big Apple. It is that adventure, together with some newfound passions, which you can expect to see more of from now on.

One of those passions is cooking. A New Year’s resolution in 2011 to use my kitchen for more than microwaving has evolved into something I enjoy doing on a fairly regular basis – so much so that I briefly created a blog about it. Maintaining two blogs along with my day job of PR (and writing for two other websites) became too much to juggle, so The Neophyte Chef became an unfortunate casualty. But since my culinary journey is one I’m still very much enjoying, I’m going to incorporate it into SGITC.

Will I continue sharing my take and experiences about dating and relationships? Absolutely. But my little piece of the blogosphere is also going to reflect many other areas of interest. Hope you’ll join me for the fun!

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