Girls Night Out: Midtown

Wednesday, I enjoyed a girls night out with galpal and fellow publicist Lauren.

I met up with Lauren at Midtown French bistro Papillon, at the tail end of a cocktail reception sponsored by National Geographic Traveler. We chatted with adorable Australia-born photographer Jeremy about our favorite places in his native Melbourne. As we also dished about the eternal rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne, I was reminded of why Aussie men are so charming – the combination of an accent and a crisp sense of humor is a pretty irresistible one.

Papillon gets a great happy hour crowd & is rapidly becoming a favorite after-work spot

From Papillon, Lauren and I walked over to Wollenski’s Grill, buzzing with a dinner crowd and surprising both of us with steep prices ($40 steaks, etc.). A glass of rose helped the sticker shock go down a little more easily, as did – of course – the pleasure of catching up with a good friend. I first connected with Lauren about eight years ago, when I was making the transition from journalism to PR. We clicked immediately.

Over our pricey but delicious meal — we shared hash browns and I enjoyed a perfectly cooked veal chop – Lauren and I talked about doctors who overstep when it comes to offering advice, real estate shopping in NYC and dating outside of your comfort zone. I admitted that I didn’t think twice about a 16-year age gap when I was in my twenties. Now, though, I find myself drawn more to men who are my chronological contemporaries or only a few years older. The irony, of course, being that guys in their thirties tend to want much younger women, a dynamic I can hardly criticize considering that I was once on the other end of it.

Ultimately, I think age is just a number and a relationship is about meeting each other somewhere in the middle. That gets harder, though, as the male-female divide seems to widen once you reach the second half of your thirties. All the more reason I’m profoundly thankful for the joys of good friends.

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