Not Quite Six Degrees of Separation

The other day, I found myself talking with a friend about what a small world it is – digitally and otherwise. It got me to thinking the whole six degrees (or less) rule has precipitated some of the most meaningful relationships in my life, past and present.

Triangular connections have played a big part in leading me to love over the years. Back in ’94, a close family friend happened to know a producer for the TV show NYPD Blue. That family friend made it possible for me and my sister to watch a shoot in NYC’s Tompkins Square Park, where I ended up meeting LA-based sound mixer Mark (a.k.a Sparky). Longtime readers of this blog know the whirlwind odyssey that followed…

A few years later, mutual friends once again took on the role of Cupid.  A college classmate of mine married Nick, a Brit whose good friend David moved to New York. Nick went out of his way to make sure David called me, and so began a year and a half romance that I still remember fondly.

In 2001, I was in post-breakup mode when I moved to Southern Illinois and was warmly welcomed by next door neighbor Katherine. Much like a surrogate grandmother, Katherine invited me to dinner with her family – which is where I met her stepgrandson Steve. Our connection was immediate and we remain good friends to this day.

Of course, now  it only takes a few clicks on Facebook to be reminded that less than six degrees separates all of us today. And that you never know when one of those connections will generate a spark of the romantic variety.

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