Nominate A Date #2

There are some nights that remind you why you stay in the journey that is dating — and should remain open to wherever it takes you. Saturday night was one of them.

Introduced for Nominate A Date through a mutual friend, 36-year-old Long Island native M and I first connected a few weeks ago. After talking on the phone, we exchanged a series of texts that revealed M’s playful sense of humor and more than a few common interests. Among them – an affinity for Scrabble, live music and beachside getaways.

Seven Bar & Grill provided the perfect setting for a perfect first date

The conversation continued effortlessly when we met up at Seven Bar & Grill in Midtown West. M greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and gallantly took my coat, as I found myself thinking he was even cuter in person than his Facebook profile picture.

Over a delicious dinner (tuna tartar, lobster bisque soup, pan roasted snapper with lobster crushed potatoes), we bonded over our appreciation for good food and of course dessert (we shared tiramisu and coconut rice pudding). I also learned more about M’s work as a contractor, his longstanding love of guitar playing and why seeing an 80’s cover band – my suggested post-meal activity – wasn’t his first choice.

I happily said yes to his proposed alternative, going to see the Channing Tatum-Rachel McAdams romance, “The Vow.” During the previews, M leaned over a few times to make small talk. I could feel the kind of click that happens when you’re genuinely having a good time with someone.

We both enjoyed the movie – as far as on-screen love stories go, this one managed to be sweet without being too cloying – and, much to my delight, M didn’t let his hour-long journey home cut our evening short.  Our last stop was Houndtooth Pub, where we talked about Caribbean cruises, spiritual retreats and outgrowing the antics of being in your twenties.

It was after 1am when I walked M to Penn Station. Later, I texted him to say thanks for a great night and for coming into NYC.

“Worth the trip,” he replied.

The feeling was more than mutual.

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