8 Minute Dating: Not Worth The Time

Continuing my 2012 resolution to do more mingling, I did a second speed dating event last week – hosted by 8 Minute Dating.

I was especially curious about this one, because every other time I’ve done speed dating, each mini-date lasted only 4-5 minutes. And I remember a woman telling me years ago that she didn’t like it because eight minutes can be very long when you’re sitting across from someone you don’t immediately click with.

World Bar, located in a Trump building known for being home to celebs

When I arrived at World Bar in Midtown, I was struck by two things right away – the venue was very swanky while the crowd was, well, awkward.  Both the women and men seemed equally uncomfortable, a group not nearly as outgoing or approachable as what I’ve experienced with 8 Minute Dating’s competitors. Another difference — 8 Minute Dating gives you three different options for saying yes to someone you’ve met. You can select any or all of the following – friendship, networking, second date.

As it turns out, though an eight-minute mini-date definitely feels less rushed, it doesn’t necessarily improve your odds of connecting with anyone. I’ve done speed dating about dozen times over the years and this was the first event I walked away from without any matches (my average has been 4-6 at previous events). In other words, not really worth $4o — and I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

“How’s it going?” I asked one guy during a cocktail break in the evening.

“It’s going,” he said flatly.

For my money, HurryDate is still the best bet when it comes to speed dating. Which is why it is also on my to do list for 2012 — and so is giving it a try outside the tricky terrain of NYC. Stay tuned!

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