Relearning The Rules of Online Dating

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With the new year here at last, I’m getting back out into the dating scene. That means going online again — and relearning some of odd rules of dating in cyberspace.

Beware of weird/cutesy profile names: Though not always the case, it’s safe to say that an unusual profile handle often equals an equally unusual person. Among the more colorful guys I’ve heard from — monkey_vs_robot, out_to_late_NYC and easternspice4u.

Being overly familiar isn’t a turn on: even after online dating on and off for years, I’m astounded at how many people don’t know the difference between flirting and creepy come ons. Among the recent opening gambits I’ve received: “Hi Honey” and “You are yummy.” In a word, ewww.

Lengthy emails and chat mean nothing: Many bachelors online seem to favor back and forth communicating that never goes anywhere. Case in point — the fortysomething hotel exec who followed up a five paragraph email and one hour conversation with…zilch.

Disappearing and reappearing require no explanation: In a dating medium designed for short attention spans and shopping around, this is an all too common occurrence. My favorite recent example — the Connecticut bachelor I chatted with who said he would call me back but never did, only to resurface in an email a month later. I invited him to give me a call. “Will do,” he says. He doesn’t then emails me again three months later. “Hi Melissa, long time!” he writes, oddly given that he disappeared twice. 

Speaking of disappearing acts, not all are the same. I’m actually meeting up this week for date number three with a charming, cute OkCupid bachelor — three months after date number two took place.

Here’s to an eventful 2012, on and offline!

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  1. Melissa

    Good luck Melissa – I plan on updating my profile and trying again as well.

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