By The Numbers: Farewell 2011 Edition

As 2011 draws to a close, I can’t help feeling a little reflective about the last year and where it’s taken me.

I began the first half of 2011 doing freelance work before pounding the pavement for a full time gig. It took dozens of mind numbing interviews at 17 companies before landing at Evins Communications – an exhausting process that made dating seem like a cakewalk by comparison. Still, I opted to scale back on the search for Mr. Right and focus my energies elsewhere (including a new passion — cooking). Here are some of the highlights of 2011, by the numbers:

Number of companies interviewed at: 17
Number of job interviews: 38
Number of Weekend Getaways: 12
Number of concerts: 6
Number of Europe Dating Blitz bachelors seen in NYC: 1
Number of dates:  14
Number of friends who got engaged: 2

Bride-to-be Faith and me at my recent holiday party

Both of my betrothed friends met their respective fiancés online, which leads me to think I may have to incorporate cyberspace dating into my Just Say Yes mantra for 2012. One of the brides to be, my fantastic galpal Faith, has asked me to be her maid of honor – a delightful duty I haven’t had in more than a decade. I couldn’t be more proud or excited to stand beside her.

Who knows? By the time Faith’s big day comes around, maybe I’ll have a plus one to join me.

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