Girls Night Out: Midtown West

Last night, my friend Kristina and I headed down to Concrete Bar and Restaurant in Midtown West. I arrived first and noticed something unusual right away – there were about 18 guys and less than half as many ladies. When I tweeted the welcome change in New York’s typically lopsided ratio, a bachelor friend in Atlanta quickly responded –

“That’s how every bar in Atlanta is. #notmykindofratio.”

I laughed, thinking maybe it’s time for me to pay another visit to the second stop on my Great Dating Blitz last year.

After Kristina arrived, we took a corner table upstairs and over cornflake-encrusted chicken fingers and spiced fries, dove into some serious girl talk about work, dating and biological clocks. Like me, Kristina is a thirtysomething bachelorette who appreciates the traditional mores of dating that seem to be so fleeting these days.

I told her about the handful of dates I went on earlier this year with a guy who subscribed to those old-fashioned ways – making reservations for someplace special, picking up the phone just to say hello, etc. Interestingly, the night we met started off disastrously. Introduced by mutual friends, we didn’t click at all because he pummeled me with questions about this blog. Maybe it’s hypocritical of me, but I’m not a fan of being given the third degree right after meeting someone for the first time.

Anyway, I actually had a backup date on standby and was prepared to beat a hasty retreat once our mutual friends took off. Much to my surprise, the guy turned to me and asked—

“Would you like to get some dinner?”

I was floored. Here I had been practically rolling my eyes at him for nearly an hour and he was brave enough to ask me out. What the hell? I figured.

“Sure,” I said.

And so the worst blind date ever ended up turning into the best. For some reason, once our friends had left, the chemistry between us fell into place and eight blissful hours later, we were smooching like teenagers.

Though it would turn out we had less chemistry emotionally speaking, the evening taught me a very important lesson about being open to possibilities. Up next, how that’s becoming the basis of my number one New Year’s resolution.

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