Encouraging Words From A Pop Princess

In this era of celebrity worship, it’s tempting to think the rich and famous have it easier than we everyday people do when it comes to being single. Which is why I found it especially refreshing when I tuned in to “Access Hollywood” tonight and heard Kelly Clarkson saying otherwise.

Speaking candidly about recently turning 30 and being unattached, Kelly admitted to being tired of the adage that love happens when you’re not looking.

“Anyone who says they’re not looking is lying,” she declared. “I don’t wake up thinking ‘I hope it’s just me and my dogs for the rest of my life.’ ”

As Kelly talked about how difficult it is to meet a good guy between working a lot and being surrounded by married people, I was reminded of something I encountered again and again during my two Dating Blitzes last year – that everyone is more or less going through the same thing as far as finding love.

Thank you for keeping it real, Ms. Clarkson, and welcome to the thirties!

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