Girls Night Out: Midtown

Friday, I headed over to Redemption bar in Midtown for a girls night out with my friend Natalie.

We hadn’t seen each other in a few months, so we had a lot to catch up on — new jobs, old favorites when it comes to home cooking and, of course, dating in NYC.

Over cocktails and shared appetizers (tuna tartar tacos, sweet potato fries), I told Natalie about my recent reconnecting with an old flame from 14 hours ago. Now divorced with six kids, he went from reaching out on Facebook, to writing me twice a week, to calling me five times in one day.

I’m all for demonstrating interest, but experience has taught me there is such a thing as too much too soon. And I’ve learned that kind of timetable usually spells disaster, so I snuffed out said old flame — and felt pretty damn good about doing it.

Natalie had a few stories of her own to share. One about the twentysomething guy she met in a bar who entertains at kids parties on weekends. When Natalie asked how he spends the rest of his time, he said–

“Reading comic books and getting high.”

Yes, we both talked about that Sex And The City episode in which Carrie finds herself going out with just such a guy. When you’re single in NYC, truth is definitely at least as strange as fiction – if not more.

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  1. beth grossman

    so funny!! you are so right!
    WHen are you going to finish your story from the “files”? you are waiting too long to finish; i forget what happened so far…..

  2. Melissa

    Hi Beth — stay tuned, next installment of Opening The Vault is coming up at last. :)

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