Going The Distance For Love

The other day, my dear friend Caroline sent me an article about a romance-minded wild cougar killed in Connecticut. Said animal made news for traveling across the country in search of a mate, as part of a pattern called dispersal.

While most lions rarely travel more than 100 miles, this cub journeyed from South Dakota to CT – 1,500 miles.

“He was on a dating blitz of his own!” Caroline quipped, alluding to my own love-seeking travels last year.

I couldn’t help smiling as I read about this kindred spirit, and thinking about how it proves something I’ve always known — geography is no match for the tenacity of love.

Over the years, I’ve experienced this simple truth time and time again. As I mentioned awhile back, with the help of my 90+ diaries and a little math, I discovered that I’ve traveled 49,156 miles cumulatively for the sake of romance. And I have been fortunate enough to be the inspiration for more than a few good men to hit the road (to the cumulative total of 33,394 miles) when distance stood between us.

Back in 1991, Toronto-based high school crush Jason braved a 12-hour bus ride so we could ring in the new year together.

A few years later, after spending only a weekend with me in New York, California native Mark (aka Sparky) flew from LA to London, capturing my heart along the way.

“I would travel to the ends of the earth…just to kiss you,” he later said.

Illinois-born sweetheart Steve didn’t let miles stand in the way either. Not only did he join me in hopping a flight or two so we could be together, he was my hero of the highways. When I moved from Illinois to Delaware, he drove me and all my stuff in a Ryder truck, making an 886-mile  journey something special and fun.

In this day and age where laziness has become commonplace in dating, where potential mates often can’t be bothered to pick up a phone let alone travel for love, it’s easy to forget it only takes one who will go the distance. I’m thankful to a courageous young lion for reminding me of that.

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2 Responses to “Going The Distance For Love”

  1. nathan

    I don’t think I’ve been on either end of one of these experiences, but I like hearing about them, and perhaps someday I’ll have someone come along way to see me, or I’ll feel compelled to do the same.

  2. Melissa

    I’m sure you will, Nathan. As I mentioned above, it’s been my experience that true love can transcend geography if it has to. :)

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