Flirting Via Social Media

When it comes to connecting through social media, it’s no surprise that flirting is one of  the more popular applications.

Lately, I’ve heard from a handful of random bachelors through Facebook and Twitter. The unfortunate trend I’ve noticed, though, is most of them don’t bother to do their homework first. Unlike guys who reach out through online dating sites, the FB/Twitter crowd rarely attempts to personalize what they write.

Take for example, the 38-year-old Gotham bachelor who messaged me on Facebook without even addressing me by name.

“Hello How Are You Today. Am seeking a woman with good sense of humor understanding and with a caring heart,  for a long term relationship that could lead to marriage..when I hear from you I will tell you more about myself…Meanwhile tell little about yourself.”

I’m all for casting a wide net when searching for love, but sending mass impersonal emails or messages is just bad form. Of course, sometimes even the guys who do a little research first don’t quite know how to articulate that effectively. Here’s what one Texas-based bachelor (a professional writer, no less) tweeted me yesterday:

“I saw your site and you seem to be a ‘professional’ single girl. What I mean is…being single has become your profession.”

Call me oversensitive, but saying that I’m single for a living isn’t exactly a compliment. I’m a writer who happens to blog about being single — writing is my profession, being unattached is simply a part of who I am.

Thankfully, there is the rare, charming guy who gets that effective flirting lies in paying attention to the little things. In my Twitter bio, I mention a love for 80’s music. This prompted an adorable Ohio native to tweet me about his affection for music of that era.

“I’m the 80’s music king…awesome trivia shall come later..”

Sure enough, Mr. Ohio has sent along some playful trivia questions that have tested the limits of my 80’s knowledge — and opened the door to easy banter.

“You know I would walk to nyc if I knew love was there…lol.”

A romantic with a sense of humor who can articulate all of that in 140 characters or less? Sounds like my kind of guy.

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  1. Diana

    hahaha…I got a FB message from a man who looked to be in his 70’s the other day!

    Hello Beauty
    I don’t even know how to go about this message, honestly you have one of the most beautiful smiles i have ever seen! I was thinking if it would be possible for us to be friends. If accepted i will do all that i can to be a good one. Looking forward to read from you soon. Brian

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