What Happens When You’re Not Looking

Like anyone who’s ever been single, I’ve often heard the adage that you meet people when you’re not looking. A recent girls night out proved to be a wonderful example of this.

My good friend Faith and I wandered into Stumble Inn, a lively Upper East Side bar in my neighborhood that I almost never go to. We were happy to find good music (80’s tunes in heavy rotation), a fun crowd and equally fun menu (fried twinkies, anyone?).

Being on a dating hiatus at the moment, my one and only agenda for the evening was to savor a girls night out. But when Faith got up to go the bathroom at one point, I couldn’t help noticing the adorable guy sitting next to me at the bar. Chiseled features, bright blue eyes and a megawatt smile.

Before I knew it, we were talking about the Stumble’s fiery buffalo wings, our former hometown of Toronto and our respective travels across the US and Europe. And, in a great illustration of what a small world even a big city like NYC can be, it turned out Mr. Adorable resides across the street from me.

Eventually, he asks for my number. Much to my surprise — bar connections rarely follow up, after all — I hear from him. It occurs to me that there really is something to the notion that you’re more desirable when you’re less invested in seeming so. And that being laidback translates to being much happier about being single.

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