It’s All About Timing

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a writer’s conference in NYC’s Midtown. Along with introducing me to some amazingly smart, talented women, the event was a powerful reminder of how timing is everything – in love and in life.

Ladies Who Write: (clockwise from left) Raygan, me and Tanya enjoying a cocktail break from the conference

I bonded quickly with the ladies in my workshop group – including former newspaper and NASCAR reporter Raygan, and teacher-author Tanya. Sassy, smart and fun, they inspired me with their talents and tales of the road to finding love.

Raygan first met her husband when she interviewed him for a story. They hit it off and dated but eventually broke up. Years later, a platonic invitation from her to attend a NASCAR event led to sparks igniting once again. Nine months later, they were married.

The second time also proved to be the charm for Tanya and her boyfriend. They first connected when she was dating a buddy of his. After that ended and she grew disenchanted with the singles scene (I,e bachelors still living with their parents), she jokingly posted an application on her blog for potential suitors. Her ex’s friend filled it out and now they’re very much together.

Along with Tanya and Raygan’s stories, the conference itself served as a great example of how each chapter in life leads to the next. It turned the event was held at Ripley Grier Studios in Midtown, which happens to be located in the same building as Quinn & Co. Public Relations — my professional home for more than five years. My previous visit to Ripley Grier had been for an all-staff Q&C meeting about visioning.

Returning to the space, and running into a few of my favorite former colleagues along the way, made me feel like I’ve truly come full circle. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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  1. Raygan Swan

    Hi!!!! OK I ordered my proposal book and Goose is napping so I’m writing right now but I got distracted and came to your blog! Ha! OK back at it …

  2. Melissa

    Happy to serve as a distraction…but only for a little while LOL. :) 450 words today, and now officially at the 29,000 word mark. We will both get it done!

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