A Long Delayed Second Date

Cyberspace is a notorious breeding ground for what I like to call the dating equivalent of ADD. Initial connections often fizzle out quickly because of short attention spans — which is one of several reasons why I was so excited about date #2 with adorable Spaniard Inigo.

Inigo and I went out back in January after connecting on OkCupid.com. We had a great time, but then opposite schedules got in the way. He travels to North Carolina during the week for a consulting gig and I’ve been away for the last three weekends.

Still, Inigo remained in touch, calling and texting to find out when we might both be in the Big Apple again at the same time. Friday night, it finally happened.

Peep SoHo: Great Thai food in a funky (albeit kind of noisy) setting

We met up in SoHo, where our first stop was funky Thai bistro Peep for dinner. From there, it was off to drinks at cozy Thom Bar in the Thompson Hotel. Over cocktails, we talked about our recent travels, favorite spots in NYC (Central Park and The Cloisters among them) and upcoming movies we would like to see — possibly together.

As we shared a cab uptown at the end of the night, Inigo put his arm around me. I couldn’t help thinking that when you least expect it, welcome surprises do happen in the journey of dating. Here’s to many more of them, in and out of cyberspace.

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  1. beth grossman

    glad you had a great date!!!

  2. Melissa

    Thanks! :)

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