Speed Dating For Globetrotters

Monday night, I attended “Have Passport, Will Travel” — On Speed Dating’s event geared toward globetrotters.

This was my first-ever foray into themed speed dating, and the first time in awhile that I’ve attended an event hosted by a company other than industry leader HurryDate. When it comes to efficiency — starting on time and getting you out within 2 hours — HurryDate is better. But if you’re looking for a speed dating experience that feels more organic than rushed, OSD is definitely the way to go.

Murphy & Gonzalez: An ideal spot for speed dating

Murphy & Gonzalez, a laidback, well-lit bar and restaurant in NYC’s East Village, served as an ideal venue. Roomy with tables spaced evenly apart, it was much more conducive to talking than the dark, loud and cramped venues usually favored by HurryDate. And the host offered a few breaks, which goes a long way when you’re meeting about a dozen new people all at once.

As for the themed idea, I experienced mixed results. While travel is a great conversation starter, some of the men seemed to take a “my frequent flier account is bigger than yours” approach. And, like most speed dating events, this one served up an interesting variety of bachelors.

There was Sasha, a Russian-born hairstylist, whose rapid fire interrogation seemed to be inspired by questions from an online dating site.

“What do you do for fun?”

“Comedy or drama?”

“Are you creative or analytical?”

So much for easygoing small talk.

Fortysomething teacher Keith surprised me when he admitted he too is a speed dating veteran. Because he spent almost all of our four minutes together telling me — multiple times — where he’s traveled to, asking me only question just in time for the bell to ring.

Among the charmers — airline pilot Lance who revealed he’s been around the world twice, and Chicago-born cutie Athan who talked about Iceland being on his bucket list.

All in all, worth the $30 price of admission. Getting out there is always a good thing. As fast talking Keith put it–

“You gotta try.”

Well said.

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2 Responses to “Speed Dating For Globetrotters”

  1. Ross

    I did speed dating about 15 times in my “single career.” While I did have some matches, I think I only went out on one date from people I met at the events.

    There are huge advantages and disadvantages to speed dating compared to online dating, meeting through friends and/or meeting while out.

    Speed dating is better than online dating in the sense that you get to actually see the person as they really are – physically — you know if you’re attracted to them. The downside is, speed daters often don’t get to find out the full picture considering they only get 4-8 minutes. For example, you don’t always get to find out if they have kids, what religion they are, whether they’re smokers, etc. This type of info is better found on a dating site.

    That said, I would highly recommend people try speed dating at least once, you never know who you’ll meet or what’ll happen.

  2. Melissa

    I would actually say my rates of success with speed dating and online dating have probably been about the same. I’ve had at least a few matches from each event (I’ve got to about 10 of them now), and had short-term relationships twice. Agreed that you don’t get the full picture of someone in a few minutes, but oftentimes knowing a person’s vital stats from their online profile isn’t necessarily a predictor of chemistry either.

    I think it’s a good idea to explore both avenues and maximize the opportunity to make a real connection, especially in the competitive dating landscape of NYC.

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