Last Stop In Europe: London

My final week in Europe brought with it a much-needed return to London. As always, being in England’s capital gave me the chance to catch up with dear friends and recharge my batteries before coming home.

Carine and I: All smiles after a memorable performance of Wicked the musical

Longtime galpal Carine and her hubby generously hosted me a second time. Carine and I went to see Wicked, which more than lives up to its storied reputation, and celebrates the life-altering power of friendship. The ballad “For Good” had me tearing up as I thought about my beloved London circle — dear friends like Carine, Eva and Ness and best buddy Steve.

Steve and I spent a wonderful day catching up, talking for hours about life, love and lessons from my European Dating Blitz. Knowing I was a little homesick at this point, Steve led us to Whole Foods on Kensington High Street for lunch.

BFF: Steve and I had a great day together

After a brief stop in St. Mary Abbots church and some shopping, we stopped in a little café for afternoon tea. Steve asked me about the speed dating event I was supposed to attend later on. I happily shelved it in favor of more time with him — and a girls night out with London single gal Angela, 38.

Girls Night Out: Angela and me at Dion’s

Angela and I hit it off when we connected during my August London visit. Stunning, smart and witty, she had said she knows Mr. Right isn’t going to just show up.

“My bills are automated, so not even the postman’s going to knock on my door,” she quipped.

We got reacquainted at Dion’s, a lively bar just behind St. Paul’s Cathedral that attracts a young, professional crowd and serves up fantastic live music.

After hitting the dance floor several times, I was taking a breather to cool off when I noticed a gorgeous guy (think Taye Diggs, only much taller) looking at me. He motioned me over to him and quickly bought me a drink.

“I’ve been watching you all night,” he said. “You are so beautiful.”

I smiled. Definitely my kind of opening line, and just the kind of unexpected flirting I needed after six weeks of planned dates across the continent.

As the music cranked up again, Mr. Flirtatious pulled me close to him and we started to slow dance. About five minutes in, he kissed me. Five minutes after that, he murmured in my ear–

“I want to make love to you.”

And with that, Mr. Flirtatious set a record for being the fastest pickup attempt I’ve ever been on the receiving end of. Also memorable — him telling me his mother says he’s a “good boy.”

Whatever that means.

Up next…the worst would-be blind date ever and the most hilarious opening gambit I’ve ever heard from a guy.

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