By The Numbers: Say Goodbye Edition

Like significant others, no two breakups are exactly alike. Though each brings its share of the post-split blues, what you learn that moves you forward is different every time.

As I think about how I’ve grown from my most recent split, I can’t help also thinking of the goodbye moments that have stood out for me over the years. Here are a few — By The Numbers:

Number of Breakups: 8
Number of Mutual Breakups: 2
Number of Breakups in Public Places: 3 (2 in a restaurant, 1 in Central Park)
Number of Breakups That Happened Mid-Vacation: 1
Number of Breakups Via Phone: 2

The most recent relationship-ending phone conversation, of course, was with Cleveland Chris. For once, I felt grateful to be in a long distance scenario — because I was spared the inevitably unpleasant in-person breakup scene. When someone isn’t right for you, there’s a lot to be said for parting ways in less than five minutes.

Coming up…the scoop on New York Post date #4 and a very happy hour.

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