A Post-Dating Blitz Date

During my Great Dating Blitz, I was featured in a New York Post story about single gals leaving the Big Apple to find love. The article prompted a handful of bachelors to email me and say they would like to take me out.

Among the more surprising missives — a former Wall Street guy turned college tennis coach, who suggested I meet him in Vermont for dinner. Needless to say, I declined this invite, saying yes instead to four men still reside in NYC. The first guy asked me more about my trip than anything else, while the second talked a little too much about sports and living with his parents until the age of 35.

The Oyster Bar At Grand Central: Bachelor #3 took me here

I met up last week with Frank, 48, bachelor #3, for dinner at Grand Central’s charming Oyster Bar restaurant. Over a delicious meal, Frank told me about his fascinating gig working as a behavior analyst for the TSA, a job he was inspired to apply for after 9/11.

He also admitted that I was his first date in more than three years, because of a long-term relationship with a Florida woman whom he thought was the one. As he told me about moving down South when they were dating and his efforts to rekindle their love, I couldn’t help thinking how close I recently came to changing my zip code for romance with Cleveland Chris.

Frank says he has no regrets about making the move, that you have to be willing to take a risk if you want to truly connect with someone. Though he’s right, I think I’m going to limit my big moves (for now, anyway) to virtual ones — by rotating the hometown listed in my Match.com profile.

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