LA: Day Two


Happy VIPs: Juliana and me with our special passes

Tuesday, I headed over to the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank with journalist galpal Juliana for a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

One of the most well-run TV shows I’ve ever attended, the experience started with lining up in the Riff Raff Room. As soon as we were ushered inside Ellen’s gorgeous studio, we joined the audience in a pre-show dance competition offering t-shirts to those of us who sang and danced best. That’s how I ended up on stage, shaking my groove thing to Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.”

If Only This Had Made Air: Me on the Ellen set

All of the energy and excitement you see on TV is magnified tenfold when you’re part of Ellen’s studio audience. I was especially excited that she danced right in front of me.

After the show — which featured actress Alyson Hannigan and CNBC finance expert Maria Bartiromo — Ellen gave a heartfelt thanks to the crowd.

“Thanks for all the positivity and joy you’ve sent my way,” she said. “I sent it back with you.”

Back in the Riff Raff Room, Juliana and I met up with Ellen producer Emily, so I could thank her for the tickets.

Single Gals In LA: Emily and me backstage

A twentysomething single, Emily says the worst part of being unattached in L.A. is the competition. The best?

“The camaraderie,” she said. “If you’re focused on your career, people understand that.”

Coming up…a weekend of reunions and the countdown to my Great Dating Blitz finale!


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  1. Kirsten

    I LOVE Ellen’s show!! She always makes me smile or laugh. She’s just a gifted comedian and seems like a genuinely nice person. HOW FUN that you got to go on her show!!

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