Kansas City: Day Four Part Two

Thursday night, I headed over to the Intercontinental for a happy hour with KC galpals Lisa and Stephanie (a.k.a Queen Of Quirky) and their friends.

Very Happy Hour: (from left) Stephanie, me, Adrienne and Ginger

Single gals Ginger and Adrienne shared their experiences of singlehood here. Ginger says it’s hard to go out alone to bars because people tend to stick to their own groups. Adrienne raved about the familiarity of places that goes along with being in a small big city, but said the downside is it gets monotonous. 

Fun and fabulous Kansas City Star dating columnist Pamela Spencer was also part of the fun. I thanked her for writing up my Great Dating Blitz in her Kiss & Tell column. Of all the media coverage I’ve received so far, Pamela’s is far and away my favorite. Especially since she included a photo taken on my best date so far.

Local bachelor Nicholas joined the group and talked about the Midwest mentality here.  

“People are programmed to get married,” he said. “College and then get married by 25.”  

Also chiming in on the conversation – old flame and good friend Steve.  

In between weighing in on starter marriages and the perils of texting, Steve and I had the opportunity to catch up on more personal subjects. We talked about his recent recovery from health issues and what a whirlwind my Great Dating Blitz has been so far.  

Steve was floored to hear me say that the end of this adventure could find me living somewhere other than New York.  

I told him what I’ve told many others – that when you embark on a journey like this, you have to be open to wherever it may take you. And if Mr. Right happens to reside somewhere outside of the Big Apple, then I will happily pack my bags. Because, even when it’s a plane, train or car ride away, New York is always a part of me. That’s just how it is with your first love.

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6 Responses to “Kansas City: Day Four Part Two”

  1. Dana

    I’m hooked on your “blitz” now…Glad you are having fun. Hope Houston is just as insightful. It’s a great city!

  2. Melissa

    Thanks, having a blast! Looking forward to my first visit to Houston. :-)

  3. Katie

    I’m really enjoying these posts! It sounds like you are having an amazing experience. I have a friend you need to meet in L.A. Stay tuned…

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  5. Kirsten

    It’s been really fun to follow along w/ your journey and it’s interesting that you found so many in Kansas City had the same experience I had in Michigan in my early 20’s…the expectation to get married and settle down by 25. I am sorry I gave into that now that I’m divorced but I am looking forward to the future where hopefully I will have many adventures in dating and romance.

  6. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

    […] at SingleGalNYC  made Kansas City a stop on her Great Dating Blitz. She even allowed me to crash a single gals happy hour at one of my favorite KC hot […]

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