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A Weekend To Remember

June 13th, 2014 — 8:14pm

Last weekend, I enjoyed the rare pleasure of being reunited with two of my oldest and dearest friends. Their visit coincided with picture perfect weather—ideal for strolling around NYC and playing tourist.

The festivities began on Saturday, with the arrival from Toronto of beloved galpal Jackie and her boyfriend Jim. After a visit to the M&M’s store and delicious lunch at one of my favorite greasy spoons in Midtown, we ventured up to Top of the Rock for spectacular 360-degree city views.

Jackie and me at Top of The Rock

From there, we walked to Rockefeller Center, where we were treated to an only in New York sighting: a trio of guys dressed as Ghostbusters photobombing a bride.

Only in NYC!

Then, it was off to FAO Schwartz and Central Park before heading back to my place. We were then joined by another BFF, London-based Steve. Over a home cooked dinner, we enjoyed lively conversation about everything from cohabitating to 80s music favorites and career crossroads. I savored every second of being with two cherished friends that have both been a part of my life for more than two decades now.

Steve, me and Jackie

Sunday, Steve and I met for brunch in Union Square. We were at the restaurant when I realized I had – eegads! – forgotten my purse back at Starbuck’s. We dashed back over there to find it right on the chair where I left it. With the cash, credit card and ID all there.

My faith in humanity sufficiently elevated, I was beyond relieved as we returned to Petite Abeille, a charming little French bistro more than deserving of its many online raves. The brunch fare is divine and so is the waitstaff.

After bidding farewell to Steve, I met up with Jackie and Jim in Times Square. On the agenda, a 30-minute ride on high speed motorboat, The Beast.

It was a glorious day to take in NYC’s majestic skyline.

Beautiful NYC as seen from my seat on The Beast

I found myself feeling something I haven’t in awhile—smitten with my hometown. Sometimes it takes being with old friends to see everything through new eyes.

Speaking of new, the countdown to my blog makeover is on. Stay tuned for seven days of giveaways, including popular dating advice books and a one night stay at The Westin New York Grand Central!

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A Romantic Reunion In NYC

May 18th, 2010 — 1:02pm

As readers of my recent Great Dating Blitz know, I found love with Chris in Cleveland and we happily reconnected there at the end of my journey. This week, Chris and I are experiencing the Big Apple together.

All Smiles From Up High: Chris took this picture of me at Top Of The Rock

Yesterday, we headed down to Rockefeller Center for a visit to the Top Of The Rock observatory. Less crowded than the Empire State Building — and offering views unobstructed by caged wiring — Top of The Rock is a much better bet. And an ideal spot for a smooch with a stunning backdrop of 360 degree views.

Our next stop — Bryant Park for some people watching and then one of my favorite places to unwind in NYC, Roommate Grace Hotel’s indoor pool. Open to non-guests after 5pm, the pool area boasts a swim-up bar, sauna and steam room.

Over a round of cocktails in the water, Chris and I talked about the fun of finding off the beaten path places in the Big Apple, the constant surge of hustle and bustle here, and of course, our future travel plans.

I can’t wait to renew my passport.

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