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Celebrating A Fabulous New Dating Advice Book

June 2nd, 2013 — 9:16pm

Wednesday night, I attended a press preview for Andrea Syrtash and Jeff Wilser’s new book,

All smiles with co-authors Jeff and Andrea

Held at THE LCL: Bar & Kitchen and sponsored by Movado, the lively event gave me the opportunity to catch up with some of my favorite fellow bloggers: Nando, The Lost Plum and Yolanda Shoshana. This trio’s sass and smarts never fail to entertain.

While enjoying cocktails and some delicious hors d’oeuvres, we talked about the teenage-like thrill of a great first date, the complicated journey of exiting a difficult romance and the myriad joys of being in jobs that we love. Nando also shared a hilarious tale about the interplay between his two pet birds that proves male-female posturing in relationships happens among the animal set too.

Movado treated all attendees to a fabulous gift — a watch from their colorful ESQ ONE collection. I opted for a classic white timepiece which I am loving. Thank you, Movado!

Tres Chic: Movado’s ESQONE timepiece

I also had the pleasure of chatting briefly with co-author Jeff, who shared that a chance meeting with Andrea at a writers’ conference sparked the initial idea for them to pen a book together.

I’m only a few chapters into it, and I have to say it is the best kind of dating advice book — smart, funny and full of common sense advice. Jeff and Andrea play well off each other, especially since they are coming from different vantage points: she’s married, he’s single. One of my favorite quotes so far from Jeff has to do with the question of who pays on a first date:

“The guy who doesn’t pay isn’t some daring, trailblazing pioneer for women’s rights; he’s just cheap.”

Well said.

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Girls Night Out With Schick Quattro For Women

January 16th, 2012 — 8:07pm

What does your choice of razor say about your dating style? According to the folks at Schick Quattro For Women, quite a bit.

To celebrate the launch of its newest Quattro razor, the brand has created a Facebook quiz — What’s Your Dating Trim style? Answer a series of questions to find out whether you’re foxy, classic, spontaneous, planned, etc. Now through February 29, fans of Schick Quattro For Women’s who take the quiz will receive a $1 coupon for the brand’s TrimStyle razor.

Schick unveiled the promotion during a recent girls night out event at NYC’s Bryant Park hotel.

Flirty cocktails at the event highlighted the different Dating Trim Style types

Guests also got a sneak preview of the new web series that Schick is sponsoring, The witty, entertaining show (from the producers of Gossip Girl) has a clever premise — what if you could get advice now from your future self? — and a twentysomething cast with all the sass and charm of Sex and the City ‘s ladies. Definitely worth watching.

The evening’s featured speaker, dating expert Andrea Syrtash, author of He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s A Good Thing) shared some advice. When it comes to first dates, Syrtash advises– 

“Be your vacation self — be present and don’t overanalyze. Ask yourself, ‘Am I having fun with this person? Am I curious to know more?'”

 Andrea’s other top tips for giving your love life a makeover this year:

  • Take risks and get outside your comfort zone
  • You can’t have intimacy without vulnerability
  • Surround yourself with people who bring out your best
  • Be passionate and love your life

“Relationships are hard work — dating should be fun,” Syrtash says. 

Agreed. How do you plan to add more fun to your dating life in 2012?

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A Q&A With Author Andrea Syrtash

June 10th, 2010 — 4:29pm

Monday night, I headed over to NYC’s Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle for a Q&A with dating expert and author Andrea Syrtash.

Leading the conversation about Building Your Personal Brand Online — charming Newsday and AM New York columnist Ellis Henican, who always writes with wry humor and intelligence.

Nice To Meet You: Ellis Henican and me

Ellis asked Andrea how she has differentiated herself in the crowded relationship expert space. One way is by not taking the popular approach of using scare tactics.

Nice To Meet You: Ellis and me

“I don’t believe in fear-based dating advice like ‘you’re not getting younger,’ or ‘don’t be picky,’ “ she said. “My focus is on knowing yourself because effective relationships start with the individual.

That message is at the heart of Andrea’s smart, insightful new book, “He’s Just Not Your Type (and that’s a good thing)”. Andrea writes about the importance of knowing yourself and not basing expectations for a potential mate on anyone’s values except your own.

“A lot of the checklists we’re using are pretty misguided,” she said. “And come from other people’s voices. Replace the word should with want — that’s when happiness happens.”

To that end, Andrea advises paying more attention to core values than status (I.e., whether a man is driven and passionate versus the size of his paycheck).

“When we have types, we typecast. Don’t assign characteristics to people you haven’t met yet.”

One of Andrea’s best observations was about what it means if you’re overthinking a love relationship.

“When you’re with a good match, it’s a feeling not a thought,” she said. “If you’re exhausted trying to find clarity and polling your friends about whether he’s a good guy, that’s not a good sign.”

I’ve found this to be true time and again, especially when it comes to self-reflection during a relationship.

“It’s not just about the person you’re dating, it’s about who are with that person,” she said.

In terms of promoting yourself online — both in love and work — Andrea says it’s about being authentic and clear about who you are and your value set. Know where your skill sets are and that will help you identify how to meet people. Cast a wide net and, as I’m fond of saying (and doing), get out of your comfort zone.

Coming up…acknowledging small relationship milestones and celebrating a big rite of passage for one of my nearest and dearest.

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