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A Movie And Meal To Remember

March 17th, 2013 — 5:25pm

As I continue to navigate the roller coaster that is dating in New York, I find myself more thankful than ever for the constant of wonderful friends. This week, I enjoyed some quality catch up time with two of my greatest galpals.

Monday, I headed down to the East Village to meet up with my friend Lisa for a screening of , a romantic comedy starring and produced by Robinne Lee, a former colleague of hers. The charming, independent movie boasts a fantastic cast with Sara Rue, Dule Hill, Gabrielle Union and Jon Huertas of my favorite TV show, ABC’s Castle all making appearances.

Miss Dial: a romantic comedy worth watching

Miss Dial takes you through a day in the life of Erica, a consumer affairs rep who works from home and fields random questions about everything from microwave popcorn to dog food. Frustrated by her scripted conversations and seeking some real connecting, Erica starts randomly calling strangers – one of whom ends up being a hunky EMT she immediately clicks with. You can guess the ending, of course, but Miss Dialed’s charm lies in how the movie gets there and its believable, funny characters. Definitely worth seeing and available now on video.

Friday, BrainyPintsizer and I experienced our latest five-star foodie adventure – after a slight change of plans. I had bought us a Groupon for what I thought was iconic bistro Chez Josephine in Midtown. Just before we met up, I realized it was actually, ahem, Chez Jacqueline all the way downtown and there weren’t taking reservations before 9pm.

So, with French food on our mind, we opted for Plan B, Saju in Times Square. This charming bistro offers Parisian charm and solicitous service with a smooth soundtrack in the background (Barry White, The Temptations, etc).

Escargot at Saju: Magnifique!

Both of us oohed and ahhed while enjoying the escargot, cooked to perfection in garlic, butter and olive oil. After our entrees (French onion soup for BP, chicken paillard salad for moi), we shared a sublime crème brulee. Along the way, we shared some laughs about travel misadventures, inappropriate confessions on disastrous dates and upcoming vacation plans.

The perfect end to our already delightful evening? Drinks next door at The Lambs Club, which blends modern touches (like Empire State Building light fixtures) with old school ambiance.

Lambs Club Bartender Jacques took good care of us

Handsome bartender Jacques of Cameroon whipped up a pair of heavenly cocktails as BP and I began contemplating our next night on the town. I can’t wait.

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More About CastleCon

November 25th, 2012 — 4:46pm

Last Sunday, the Castle Fan Charity Convention continued in L.A. with another all-day session of photos, autographs and panels.

First up for Q&A, the Bowman family — directors Chuck and Rob and Stephen (post production).

Stephen, Rob and Chuck Bowman

Chuck spoke about directing Castle’s much-lauded “Blue Butterfly” 1940’s-themed episode last season, and the intricacies of creating a nightclub that accurately represented the era. Executive Producer/Director Rob happily answered questions about the Castle/Beckett romance, including one about why Beckett hasn’t said those three little words yet. Though he maintained the sentiment is there in her actions this season, he quipped–

“We’ll tell Stana [Katic, who plays Detective Kate Beckett] to dial up the I Love You eyes.”

Actor Armin Shimerman and Castle costume designer Luke Reichle

Castle costume designer Luke Reichle and guest actor Armin Shimerman shared behind the scenes tidbits about “The Final Frontier,” a recent sci-fi themed episode. It turns out those Star Trek-esque designs don’t allow for any heat to escape. All clothing used on Castle ends up in ABC’s huge wardrobe storehouse. And no, the actors don’t get to keep anything (that includes the custom-made Italian suits created for series star Nathan Fillion).

Armin raved about how great it is to work on the Castle set, and the convention illustrated why. This is a show produced by talented, creative professionals who are truly dedicated to what they do – and who are as passionate about Castle as the fans who love it so much. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to spend some time with them.

Speaking of being thankful, that’s something the holiday season is all about. I feel like I’m especially blessed this year. I have a new job I adore, the tremendously good fortune to have been unaffected by Hurricane Sandy and loved ones who bring so much joy to my life.

What are you thankful for?

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CastleCon: Day One

November 22nd, 2012 — 1:59pm

As I mentioned, my trip to L.A. last weekend was for the Castle Fan Charity Convention.

All smiles in front of the CastleCon agenda for day one

Many of you are probably wondering–what is Castle? Because despite being one of ABC’s most popular and highly-rated shows, Castle tends to elicit two kinds of responses: love it or never heard of it. Any longtime viewer — myself included — is mystified by this considering that Castle is now in its fifth season.

The police procedural is a unique hybrid that moves seamlessly between drama and comedy, fueled by the fantastic chemistry between actors Nathan Fillion (who plays writer Richard Castle) and Stana Katic (his homicide detective muse Kate Beckett). It is also that rare show which delivers every single week, so I was truly excited to meet some of the people who bring it to life as well as, of course, fellow shippers.

Both days of CastleCon kicked with a spirited auction of autographed items, that ultimately raised about $35,000 for charity (including Hurricane Sandy relief). Headlining the agenda — members of Castle’s cast and crew.

First up for Q&A were husband wife editing team Marta Evry and [Warren Bowman] along with camera dolly grip Chris Brown.  Of Castle and Beckett’s long awaited love scene, Marta assured us no kissing footage was left on the cutting room floor. She also shared how emotional it was to edit another iconic series moment — the military funeral of Captain Montgomery — after her veteran father’s passing the year before.

During the lunch break, I got to know a handful of other Castle fans including Denver-based Colleen and Utah-based Susan.

“We’re gonna interrogate you like Beckett,” Susan quipped when I joined them.

Best introduction ever.

Castle cast members Tamala Jones (Lanie) and Penny Johnson Jerald (Captain Gates) dazzled the crowd

After lunch, cast members Tamala Jones (Lanie) and Penny Johnson Jerald (Capt. Gates) — both gorgeous and down to earth in person — delighted the crowd with sassy banter and behind the scenes scoop. Tamala would love to be in Beckett’s “supermodel” shoes this season and promised some great upcoming scenes between them about Castle. Penny revealed her alter ego knows Castle and Beckett are involved, and that she’s a real life fan of their love story.

Penny and me: Loved her!

The complete opposite of her tough cop character, Penny brought her zumba instructor and led about 50 of us in a fun zumba class. She stuck around afterward to hug each person goodbye. A true class act, just like all of her co-workers.

Up next…the scoop on CastleCon day two and what I’m thankful for this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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