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Kelly Bensimon Can Make You Hot…With Her Fab New Book

April 29th, 2012 — 9:35pm

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Killoren Bensimon to talk about her new book, .  The former Real Housewives of New York City star is stunning and down to earth in person, not to mention refreshingly candid.

I caught up with Kelly at the San Carlos Hotel in Midtown. Though I was her last appointment on a full day of media meet and greets, she was energetic and engaged – no doubt largely because of the healthy habits she writes about in I Can Make You Hot.

Read on for how you can win an autographed copy!

A brisk, informative read, I Can Make You Hot is an easy to follow primer about how to stay in shape and feel your best.  Sharing what she’s learned from her years as a model, Elle Accessories editor and TV personality, Kelly steers readers away from unhealthy extremes with an uncomplicated and accessible plan: daily exercise (no excuses), six days of healthy food choices and making Sunday your “funday.”

Kelly Bensimon is an absolute delight in person

“Most people are so consumed with dieting that they’re not living,” Kelly told me. “If you’re eating well and exercising well and treating your body like it’s a Ferrari, it’s always purring. But if you treat your body like it’s a rental car, it’s going to stop.”

Along with nutrition tips and 60 healthy and delicious recipes, Kelly emphasizes the importance of channeling your inner supermodel with practical fashion advice. When in doubt, she says, look to celebs for inspiration — with a caveat.

“Channel the ones that work for your body type, not the ones you think are great that don’t have anything to do with you. I wouldn’t be good if I was channeling Twiggy because we don’t look anything alike. I’m not as thin as people think I am, I just conceal it really well!”

I had to disagree with her here, but we were definitely both on the same page when it comes to getting out of your comfort zone – and how doing that doesn’t have to be difficult.

“Everyone talks about these big momentous changes that you need to make in your life. No. It can just be the teeniest, tiniest thing.  In the morning, instead of going in the right direction, take a left. If you normally wear flats, wear high heels. Like Dr. Phil says, if you don’t like it, change it…whatever it is.”

As she does in her book, Kelly talked a lot about being a single mom – and the challenges of going from being married at a very young age to taking care of her children 24-7.

“It wasn’t really reality TV that changed my life, it was the fact that I got divorced. That was the biggest shift,” she said. “I’m a working mom and I want to instill in them that they don’t have to feel guilty about working. That it’s okay to take leaps of faith…to do things that are exciting and that you don’t know what the eventuality is going to be. It’s okay to do that.”

I Can Make You Hot is a great handbook for getting in shape and feeling and looking your best. And I’m excited to offer one lucky SGITC reader a free autographed copy! What makes you feel hot? Post a comment by Friday May 11th with your answer below and you’ll be entered to win.

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Sponsored Post: Count Phone Numbers, Not Calories

April 4th, 2012 — 7:46pm

With spring here, I can’t help feeling like I need to jump start my fitness routine. I feel like I’ve fallen into the exercise less and eat out more rut that isn’t uncommon when you’re busy with work, life and — in my case — an eight-week dating marathon (although Nominate A Date has turned out to be more of a 5K than a long distance run — but that’s another story).

Admittedly, being single is no excuse for lazy eating habits. And clearly the folks at agree — they’ve just launched a fantastic new promotion for singles that includes 3 days free.

Smokey lemon rubbed salmon is one of The Fresh Diet's many tasty entree options

I did a free seven-day trial of The Fresh Diet last year and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty the food is. Cooked fresh daily in state of the art local kitchens, Fresh Diet features such delicious options as smokey lemon rubbed salmon and a roasted poblano and pico de gallo omelette. Three calorie controlled meals and two decadent snacks — with free delivery straight to your door — every day help keep your diet in check. And if having more time to concentrate on being single and fabulous isn’t an incentive, Fresh Diet boasts great results:  average weight loss is 1-3 pounds per week.

For a limited time, receive 3 days free with the purchase of a 31 day plan at $29.99 per day. Visit and use promo code singlmar29.

Happy eating!

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Sponsored Post: Find a New Fitness Buddy with Gaiam TV

January 11th, 2012 — 11:17pm

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, one of my biggest ones is a pretty popular one — getting back in shape. Between changing gyms and going back to work full time, I kind of lost my fitness mojo in 2011. Since getting a personal trainer to kick my butt isn’t in my budget (for now!), I’m embracing other tools that will help me fit into the clothes currently relegated to the back of my closet. A new favorite —  Gaiam TV.

It’s no secret that TV and having a fitness buddy can make a big difference when it comes to sticking with an exercise plan and making your workout time fly by (Millionaire Matchmaker is one of my guilty viewing pleasures at the gym, heaven help me). Gaiam TV combines both as the first streaming video subscription service designed for health and wellness. Like Netflix for the fitness minded, it has hundreds of hours of online yoga, Pilates and cardio classes. When I took advantage of a free preview, I was impressed to find that you can practice with top, nationally known instructors like Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Jillian Michaels, Mari Winsor and Kathryn Budig.

In addition to being user friendly, Gaiam TV’s yoga and fitness studios are flexible. You can customize workouts for weight loss, total body sculpting or increased energy and narrow down your options based on level, style, instructor and amount of available time. And it’s also easy to search for videos, make playlists and preview selections. As a subscriber, you can rate and review programs.

Again, like Netflix, Gaiam TV offers 24/7 instant access. The company’s complete library of award-winning videos is available anytime, and streaming capabilities include personal computers, iPads and smartphones. With the $9.95 monthly subscription fee, you can stream unlimited content and members can cancel at anytime.

Not sold yet? Gaiam TV is offering a free 10-day trial — no strings attached — to prospective subscribers. for more info.

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A Few Days On The Fresh Diet

August 29th, 2011 — 2:10pm

Last week, I mentioned giving my fitness regimen a makeover by giving The Fresh Diet a try. I’m halfway through my free seven-day trial now – and appreciating the company’s ‘stop counting, start eating’ benefits.

It’s nice to take a break from cooking and having to measure ingredients, etc., and focus more on what I’m actually eating. With more than 400 options (!), The Fresh Diet menu never gets repetitive.

In just three days, I’ve enjoyed a dizzying variety of meals (veal cutlets with port mushroom marsala sauce, roasted pork meatballs with tomato alfredo sauce, salmon and cheddar cheese wrap), side dishes (chipotle cauliflower puree, oregano broccoli mash) and desserts (peanut butter chip cheesecake, pineapple upside down cake). Snacks are also varied, from white bean hummus with pita chips to buffalo style chicken strips. The food is fresh — never frozen, freeze-dried or vacuum-packed – and everything I’ve had so far is delicious.

A Fresh Diet Favorite: roasted pork meatballs with cauliflower puree and steamed broccolini

My one gripe is that I haven’t found the portions filling enough, and I’ve needed to add a salad or additional side so I’m not still hungry. I think part of that, though, has to do with selecting a daily caloric intake that was too low for me. A quick phone call to Fresh Diet easily remedied this, as the helpful representative bumped up my range to the next level. I’m looking forward to seeing how this change impacts the rest of my week on the program.

Though it’s easy to customize meals with The Fresh Diet’s online planner, I decided to let the computer select a few for me. I have to say I liked every item it chose.

One of the things I like most about using the service is flexible schedule options. Being a typical New Yorker, I tend to eat out a lot. So I’ve taken advantage of the unlimited roll over days, holding delivery for the days when I know I’m not eating at home.

For a limited time, The Fresh Diet is offering a Buy 1 Week, Get Next Week 50% off for singles. and enter the promo code SINGLE to check it out.

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Stop Counting, Start Eating: Feel Fresh For Fall

August 22nd, 2011 — 10:26pm

When I had foot surgery awhile back, a magazine editor friend of mine arranged for me to receive a free trial for a food delivery service. In addition to being convenient while I hobbled around at home, the experience helped me shed a few pounds – which is why I’m excited to be giving The Fresh Diet a try now.

I’m very big on shaking up my food and fitness regimen so I don’t fall into a rut. Six months ago in the dead of winter, I started cooking. More recently, I changed gyms and started adding different equipment and exercises to my routine. With fall right around the corner, I’m jump starting my goal to lose 15-20 pound by testing out The Fresh Diet with a one-week free trial.

Worrying about portion size and calories can take all the fun out of eating, so I love that The Fresh Diet frees you to stop counting. As part of the program, you select your preferred daily caloric intake up front and are then presented with menu options fitting into that. And you don’t have to worry about counting carbs either – the site gently reminds you if your menu choices aren’t balanced in terms of protein, etc.

Fresh Diet’s gourmet selections cover every food category

Choosing meals is easy, with photos of every selection and website tools including a dislike basket that remembers what you can’t or don’t want to eat. The site’s intuitive design, loaded with rollover photos and one-click selections facilitates easy navigation. Each day’s menu includes three meals (entrée and two sides for dinner) and two snack options. Among the selections I’m most looking forward to – Blueberry Cream Cheese Crepes with Fresh Pineapple & Wild Berry Sauce, Veal Cutlets with Port Mushroom Marsala Sauce and peanut butter chip cheesecake. Who knew eating healthy could be so delicious?

The Fresh Diet is making it easy to give their program a test run, with a Buy One Week/Get Next Week at 50% off. To redeem the offer, and enter the promo code SINGLE.

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Love Lessons From My Personal Trainer

December 11th, 2009 — 5:45pm

I recently celebrated five months with my fabulous personal trainer Crystal. As we talked about this mini-milestone, I couldn’t help thinking that Crystal has outlasted any of the men I’ve dated during this period – and how much easier romance might be if men took a page out of the personal training playbook.

Have Regularly Scheduled Dates: When you’re working toward a fitness goal, you can only get there if you stick to scheduled dates with your trainer. The same applies to love, whether you’re in the throes of new romance or settled into a committed relationship.

Remember Likes and Dislikes: Crystal knows I prefer mat stretching to using foam rollers and keeps me into our workouts by remembering that when structuring routines. Similarly, remembering what your significant other likes and doesn’t like is an important part of sustaining a mutual spark. As the saying goes, love is in the details.

A Little Praise Goes A Long Way: Unlike our fiercely fit First Lady Michelle Obama, I don’t have supermodel upper arms. Which makes me all the more appreciative when Crystal notices a change in my guns for the better and says as much. When you’re dating, a little compliment goes a long way. My current romantic dalliance, HurryDater and PR exec E has a good knack for sweet nothings. There’s no better icebreaker.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: Crystal and I ended up working together after my previous trainer left to go back to school. Open and honest communication helped us fall into a good groove quickly – just as it does when you’re getting to know a potential sweetheart.

Much like getting in shape, learning the dos and don’ts of dating is a constant work in progress. All the more reason to appreciate good counsel wherever you find it — even at the gym.

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