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Love At First Click: A Must Read For Singles

February 17th, 2013 — 5:06pm

Wednesday night, I headed over to David’s Tea on the Upper East Side for cocktails and conversation in celebration of eFlirtExpert Founder Laurie Davis’ fabulous new book, Love At First Click: The Ultimate Guide To Online Dating.

eFlirtExpert Founder and author Laurie Davis shared some online dating tips with the crowd

Having worked with nearly a thousand clients and connected with her future hubby on Twitter, Laurie knows plenty about dating in the digital world. Love At First Click is a brisk, engaging read packed with great tips for finding love in cyberspace. Laurie covers everything – from choosing the website that’s right for you and creating the perfect profile to netiquette rules.

All smiles with the author

After reading her book, you won’t have to wonder about whether to wink or how to use emoticons when flirting via email. The best compliment I can give is that Love At First Click has made me consider a  return to online dating. Laurie dispenses her practical, proven advice like an old friend whose wisdom you can’t deny. Her book is a must read for singles navigating the digital dating world.

Laurie and I talked about how excited we are for Tuesday’s First Date how-to event at THE LCL: Bar & Kitchen at the Westin New York Grand Central. Laurie will be joined by her fiancé Thomas Edwards (a.k.a The Professional Wingman) and a team of Starwood hotel concierges, sharing their expertise about where to go and what to do on a first date. Click here for more info and to RSVP.

I also had the pleasure of catching up with CeCe of The Big Girl Blog. We talked about work, what’s new in social media — I didn’t know about hot new video app Vine – and adventures in speed dating. I told CeCe about the guy I met at HurryDate last month who called me at work weeks later, soliciting a business lead then clumsily asking me out as an afterthought.

Here’s hoping my next speed dating outing in March will be more successful. In the meantime, I think I might be paying a visit to OkCupid…

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Why I Have Mixed Feelings About Grouper

August 29th, 2012 — 1:35pm

As part of the increasing and welcome trend of websites helping singles connect offline more easily, Grouper has been getting a lot of attention. Billed as a social club, Grouper – currently available in NYC, Washington DC and San Francisco – is like other competitors (Coffee Meets Bagel, for example) in that it uses Facebook to connect members with new people. The catch, though, is you have to be invited by an existing member in order to join.

Grouper: A great way to meet new people...if you're under 30.

Grouper organizes group outings at various watering holes around the city, matching men and women by things like age, educational background, profession and lifestyle. It’s a great concept – one that has struck a cord with many New Yorkers.

“I have a lot of clients on Grouper and think it’s a great, more natural way to meet,” eFlirtExpert founder Laurie Davis told me. “It just depends on what you’re looking for. In my opinion, it should be a second site you join not a replacement for a dating site. Grouper is not specifically for dating, it’s for socializing, so you won’t always meet a love interest.”

Nor will you always get a timely response from the Grouper team. After hearing about the site back in December, I reached out through Twitter multiple times. It wasn’t until last week that Director of Customer Experience Challen Hodson finally responded.

“While we’ve been very lucky to have so many people interested in Grouper, at this point, the vast majority of our members are in their early- to mid-twenties,” Hodson said in an email. “Our hope is that we’ll be able to expand beyond that demographic so that we can get more of our members on Groupers.”

Bottom line – Grouper is definitely a site worth having on your radar. But if you’re a thirtysomething single, don’t expect any rapid results. Nine months after registering with the site, I’m still waiting for an invite.

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Sponsored Post: How To Have The Relationship You Want

June 25th, 2012 — 9:23pm

When it comes to getting noticed by the opposite sex this summer, most of the advice you’ll find is focused on fashion and beauty. While I’m all for sprucing up your style, I think a makeover from the inside out is just as important – and that’s exactly the message in relationship coach Rori Raye’s e-book, .

Right off the bat, Rori is candid about her own complicated journey to finding love. After meeting her future husband at age 38, she pushed him away for months because he didn’t fit her preconceived type. Married at 39, she went through a rocky period with him a year later that she admits found them on the verge of divorce. What turned things around? A shift in her actions and attitude, and in Have The Relationship You Want, she talks about how you can do the same.

Unlike a lot of dating ‘wisdom’ out there, Rori’s tips are not about manipulation or game playing but based on hard-earned common sense. Let go of the past and the negative, she says, because that creates barriers between you and your partner–

“There’s a difference between control and choice…If you want great great sex, love and affection, why focus on getting a man to take out the garbage? Accept your partner for who he is.”

Though much of Have The Relationship You Want is geared toward couples, the principles Rori shares also apply to looking for love too. She emphasizes the importance of being clear about what you want and recognizing how small behavioral changes can make a big difference.

It’s summer, so why not give your love life a jump start? To learn more practical tips for having the relationship you want, . Whether you’re single or dating, you’ll benefit from her refreshing approach to finding and maintaining love. To purchase a copy of her e-book, .

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Singles Event Pick: Mindful Dating Workshop

May 14th, 2012 — 1:59pm

Dating in NYC (or anywhere, for that matter) can be exhausting at times. If you’re looking to inject new energy into your love life, you might want to check out Mindful Dating.

Unlike many “how to meet your mate” workshops, this one will take the form of a fun and interactive Sunday afternoon brunch that includes wine, cupcakes and light fare. Makeup artists will be on hand to demonstrate how to showcase your best physical assets, and the event features presentations from licensed psychotherapist Chamin Ajjan, registered dietitian A. Fiorella DiCarlo and Dating Coach Trenia Parham, MS.

Mindful Dating will take place on Sunday, June 10, 2012 from noon-4pm at Silk Studio in Noho. Tuition is $75 and includes brunch, make-up demos, and presentations. To sign up, click here or call Chamin at 917.476.9381.

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Ladies Event Pick: Single In Stilettos

April 26th, 2012 — 2:32pm

When it comes to being single and searching, wouldn’t it be great to have a brain trust of dating experts? That’s exactly what you’ll get at Single in Stilettos.

On Saturday April 28th in NYC, Single in Stilettos will bring together a panel of more than a dozen renowned dating experts for the first in a series of events across the U.S. Designed to empower, inspire and motivate women, the all-day event will cover dating & relationships, image, fashion and sex.

The superstar lineup of speakers includes: Clinical Psychologist & Certified Sex Therapist Dr. Megan Fleming, The Frisky Editor-in-Chief Amelia McDonell-Parry, Brand U360 CEO Erika Nitz, Professional Wingman Thomas Edwards Jr, Professional Wing Girl Marni Kinrys, eFlirt Expert Founder and CEO Laurie Davis and Executive Editor Lori Vadala Bizzoco.  Several dating coaches will also be on hand.

Matchmaker and Single in Stilettos creator Suzanne Oshima came up with the event after interviewing more than 1,000 bachelorettes about how they’re looking for Mr. Right.

“Over and over they would just say one or two things, ‘online dating’ or, ‘going to bars and clubs’,” Oshima says. “Women simply are not taking advantage of all the other creative avenues for meeting the right man. Single in Stilettos [gives] single women the secrets on where to find men, but also what men look for and want in a woman.”

Single in Stilettos will take place at the Skylight Room in Chelsea. Dating sessions and panels run from 10am-6pm, followed by a happy hour from 6-8pm featuring complimentary vodka cocktails, raffle prizes and goodie bags sponsored by Babeland. Admission is $80, but SGITC readers can purchase tickets at a special price of $25 with discount code SGC4.

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Singles Event Pick: Most Eligible Bachelorettes

October 18th, 2011 — 4:22pm

Matchmaker Nancy Slotnick

Renowned matchmaker and dating expert Nancy Slotnick is looking for a few good women – 100 to be exact.

Tuesday nights this fall, Nancy will be guest bartending at Lina Frey on NYC’s Lower East Side, seeking what she describes as the ‘Holy Grail’ of what men want—

“Smart, savvy girls who are also hot.”

The top 100 winners of the contest will be announced at the end of 2011 and receive one year of free membership on her new site Matchmaker Café. There’s no charge to apply, and Nancy will be offering free dating advice to attendees. And if you’re not single (or not a girl), come and nominate your unattached girlfriends.

The weekly event kicks off tonight, and runs from 7-11pm.

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Dating Wisdom From The Twitterverse

July 26th, 2011 — 1:52pm

Now matter how much experience you have (or like to think you have) with dating, sometimes you need a little expert advice. The other day, I turned to the twitterverse for their take on a bachelor’s pre-date actions.

Said bachelor — we’ll call him Mr. Shadowy — and I had gone out a few times a few months ago. Both were drinks-only dates, both ended with kisses goodnight. Mr. Shadowy travels often for business and texted twice from his recent travels. After about a month of radio silence, he unexpectedly resurfaced on Friday with a text message inviting me to drinks and/or a movie.

“We should catch up!!” he exclaimed.

My initial thought was to say no thanks given the lengthy absence of any communication. But, as part of my ongoing attempt to be less jaded and more open minded, I figured, why not? We left it that Mr. Shadowy would call to confirm time and place for date #3 on Monday.

Sure enough, he did get in touch — on Monday via text, at 6:15pm, to suggest drinks. Call me high maintenance, but I think it’s a little inconsiderate to wait until this late in the day to confirm, and then not really have come up with anything concrete in the way of plans. My gut was telling me that Mr. Shadowy was making me his back up plan and/or didn’t care enough to put any thought whatsoever into our date. Either way, I was inclined to cancel. First, though, I decided to do a little informal poll on Twitter.

“Unless they’re KILLER plans (i.e. great seats to Book of Mormon thanks to a lottery),” said relationships guru @DatingRev. “It’s a major fail.”

Added dating coach @RachelTRusso—

“More likely to stay married to his/her career than to you!! I’d just say no and reschedule or scratch it!”

Several tweeps confirmed my suspicions that Mr. Shadowy was either waiting for something (or someone) better to come along, and more than a few said this is standard male behavior.

“Annoying, but happens all the time,” said @SingleGirlie. “Think it’s a guy thing.”

Now married, @DatingRev wasn’t letting his gender off the hook so easily.

“It’s a boy thing – not a man thing. I planned 3-5 days in advance, and confirmed the plans 1-2 days before.”

I couldn’t agree with him more. I’ve been lucky that almost all of the men I’ve ever dated, casual or otherwise, were respectful enough to make and confirm plans much further in advance than two hours before. Which is why, once my gut check was confirmed, I happily told Mr. Shadowy – via text, of course — date #3 was off.

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SGITC Reader Perk: Dating Coach Consult

June 7th, 2010 — 8:14pm

Tracey Steinberg: life coach and dating expert extraordinaire

If you want to make the most of being single and fabulous, it never hurts to get some advice from a pro. Which is why I was excited to hear about life coach and dating expert Tracey L. Steinberg and her generous offer for Single Gal In The City readers.

Based in the New York area, Tracey has advanced training in dating coaching, career coaching, and relationship coaching. She has interviewed men from all over the country to find out what they find attractive in a woman, and provides tips on attracting strangers with Flirt Training Sessions. Tracey also offers group workshops and classes about dating and relationships.

Interested in taking advantage of Tracey’s expertise? She’s offering a complimentary 45-minute coaching consultation — her standard intro session is 30 minutes — to SGITC readers. Simply email her at and mention this blog.

On June 21st, Tracey will begin hosting a TV series called “Dating Help 911.” I’m happy to report that I’m scheduled to be Tracey’s guest on the July 19th show. Watch this space for more info!

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Another Radio Gig

August 31st, 2009 — 5:37pm

Back in June, I had the pleasure of appearing on Dating Makeover Coach Kira Sabin’s Blog Talk Radio show. This week, I’ll be returning to the Internet airwaves on The Love Coach show with relationship expert Debra Berndt.

Author of “Let Love In: How to Open Your Heart and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner,” Debra is a renowned hypnotherapist.

Debra and I will be talking about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone as a single gal.

What are some of your top tips when it comes to mingling and putting yourself out there? Post them here and I’ll give you a shoutout during the show!

I’ll be appearing on this Wednesday’s edition of The Love Coach at 4pm EST. Click here for more info about tuning and calling in to the show.

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