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Atlanta: Day One And Morning Two

March 11th, 2010 — 6:15pm

Tuesday night, I met up with healthcare marketing rep and fellow single gal Kim.

Single Gals: Kim and me at Pulse Bar

Over drinks and a delicious chicken quesadilla at the Marriott Marquis’ Pulse Bar, Kim filled me in on her dating experiences in Atlanta.

“I feel like I’ve dated the planet,” she quipped.

At 32, Kim has experienced everything from long-distance relationships to divorce. Like other local bachelorettes I’ve spoken to, she raved about the networking and singles events here.

The worst part about being single in Atlanta, she says, is casual dating.

“People you meet at events just want to hook up or if you date, they don’t want to put a title on it.”

We both agreed that, when it comes to finding love, there’s nothing better than the element of surprise. And that being relationship ready is something that doesn’t usually happen until you reach your thirties.

Yesterday, I woke up early and headed over to WAGA-TV, Atlanta’s Fox affiliate, to appear on “Good Day Xtra.”

On Set: WAGA co-anchor Suchita Vadlamani and me

Makeup artist Atoya made me camera ready with airbrush foundation that lasted 12 hours (no kidding). After our on-air interview, beautiful and sassy co-anchor Suchita Vadlamani dished with me about dating in Atlanta.

While waiting for a cab in the station’s lobby, I chatted with front desk receptionist Ray. He spoke with great affection for his wife of 40+ years, telling me the story of how he proposed on their third date.

“We begin every day with a hug and a kiss,” he said. “Every day.”

When I asked him what he loves most about her, he smiled and told me–

“She’s just the sweetest thing that ever happened to me…even though she ignored me for a year.”

Ray’s story was one of many reminders that I’ve had on my Great Dating Blitz that timing has so much to do with finding happily ever after. And that when you do find it, you hold on tight and never let go.

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